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The world of marketing, events and communications is always evolving, meaning event managers need to think of new ways to reach customers. This is why Live Stream in Australia has gained so much traction. Even before the recent pandemic, hosting a Live Stream had become an integral part of every event.

In addition to your event being Live streamed, video content is also key in gaining traction for content marketing. Companies are no longer happy with just a picture to tell the story, they want more emotion and to be engaged on another level which you can only achieve with a video and this video can be showcased on multiple platforms, including social.

Now more than ever is the perfect time for Live streaming; when you start to integrate live streaming into your marketing and communications strategy, you will gain customers it is that simple.

If the video is it pre-recorded video content or a real-time Live stream, you can communicate with your viewers in a genuine fashion – speaking directly to them

Live streaming in Australia has increased by 200% in the past 12 months.

The most exciting thing about Live streaming is the reach and exposure your event can gain, whereas normal physical events have a capacity of the attendees in the room. Live streaming allows you to reach anyone in the world at any time, making the possibilities endless.

Live streaming is on the rise, and it continues to grow every single day, and by producing a Live Stream, this allows you to engage with your audience.

If you consider how the corporate world is communicating now,  more and more Live video content is being filmed and captured every day – this number has risen dramatically. Watching live content on smartphones has increased by 55%, which is astounding but understandable. It grabs you in a way that a still photo doesn’t and allows you to engage with the host and talent that are shooting the live stream. Live streaming can be for entertainment, education, amusement or any event for that matter. Live stream has become part of our culture, so it makes sense that this is how you can best communicate with your audience. In Australia, a Live stream, for example, as mentioned earlier, has risen 200%, Australians are loving having access to live video content. We use it all the time without even thinking.

People are watching more video-based content than ever before, and if you are not making it part of your strategy, you will miss the opportunity.

Just remember a Live stream helps the audience stay informed on the latest news and events, it helps them get actively connected to companies, and it helps them get excited about your fresh content.

Live-video content generates more comments, shares, engagements and viewing time than a standard video as its live.

And the great news is that any company can take advantage of it. If you are interested in our live streaming services, get in contact with the number one live streaming professionals, Go Live.

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