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Live Streaming Events – Master Electricians National Excellence Awards

The Electrical Industry Excellence Awards is the industry’s pre-eminent award series, designed to celebrate and showcase the quality of their industry! Businesses and individuals in the electrical contracting industry submitted nominations across many categories in the field to showcase their achievements, hard work and skills. Some of these awards included Apprentice of the year, Electrician (tradie) of the year, Women in Contracting and the significant award of the evening, Master Electrician of the Year.

When you think of such an event, you might assume that this all took place in one location, over one night and a typical in-person event. This Hybrid Live Streamed Event was of a much larger scale. Seven locations were involved around Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania, Brisbane and Townsville. The huge production even needed the assistance of a remote producer at central control who managed all the switching between the locations and brought this whole event together.

The Live Stream involved a comprehensive set-up in each location. The most important equipment was the five cameras, two of which were fixed on sticks and positioned in the venue to capture as much vision as possible. One was operated, allowing the crew to capture every fun moment in each location, and the most valuable of all cameras was the roaming camera. This camera helped people watching from home feel like they were physically attending this live-streamed awards night.

A considerable amount of programming and pre-planning went into this live-stream event to make it successful. As this was a simulcast between seven locations which all had to converse and have friendly banter amongst each other for the evening, our very talented producer pre-programmed all the frames needed throughout production. At one point, there was a seven-way feed taking place. The programming of this live stream took around five days, and our producer had to be meticulous with all the detail. It was such a fast-paced live stream; everyone had to be on the ball, listening carefully on comms to get all the switching and audio spot on.

When planning your live stream awards night, you must select your MC very carefully, as a professional moderator can go a long way in moving the live stream along. It would help if you had someone who could quickly move from one award to the next, keeping your audience engaged, even when they are sitting at home watching the live stream. The MCs for the seven locations were certainly chosen carefully, and they kept the live stream buzzing all night long. There was Richard Champion (Former AFL player) in Brisbane, Robert DiPierdomenico (Former AFL player) in Melbourne, Troy Gray (Australian television producer, presenter and former Australian Football League player) in Adelaide, Glenn Minty Mintern (Radio Great) in Townsville, Fiona Cooper (Actress) in Perth, Brooke Hanson (Olympic Swimmer) in Sydney and Peter Murphy (Television Personality) in Tasmania. They were all fantastic and worked together as a team to keep the night fun, energetic and captivating.

Choosing the right platform for your live stream award ceremony can be tricky as many platforms are out there, and compatibility is crucial. Minor details are also essential to consider since even a tiny glitch can forge the audience’s experience and make them drift away. For this live streamed awards ceremony, Master Electricians chose the Go Live platform to stream their event, which was the ideal choice for this event. The Go Live platform is device-friendly, allowing the audience to watch it from anywhere and on any device. It works well with mobile devices and can also function in low internet connectivity. The Go Live page was completely customised with the branding of Master Electricians. The page included all the MCs with a brief bio; it detailed the agenda for the evening and also displayed their 2021 live streamed event as a video on demand. The page looked fantastic, was in line with their company branding and allowed anyone who couldn’t be at the Hybrid event in person to still be part of all the action!

The Master Electricians National Excellence Awards was a fabulous evening; it was well received by all those who attended in person or watched the live stream from the comfort of their homes. Go Live is once again looking forward to bringing the Master Electricians National awards to life in 2023 and making it an even better live stream than this year!

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