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Live Streaming Funerals

The topic that is on everyone’s agenda daily, COVID! It comes up on the news morning day and night. We discuss it at the shops, at school drop off, we talk about it on social media, during zoom catchups. We literally can’t escape it! The only positive thing to come out of COVID is that it has allowed us all to adapt to a new way of doing things and digital technology is evolving at a rapid pace to help us all stay connected. Funeral streaming is no exception! Live Streaming has allowed us to farewell our loved ones when we have lost the freedom to be able to farewell them in person at funerals.

Yes, live streaming funerals may not be the conventional way of saying goodbye, however, live streaming funerals has given people comfort, it has allowed them to watch the service from anywhere around the world. Go Live recently live streamed a funeral in Sydney, due to the restrictions, the family needed to make a quick decision to appoint a professional live streaming company so that they could still have the funeral for their mother. By live streaming the service family and friends all over Australia and the World were able to attend. In the end, 945 people watched the stream from around the world and as it is now a video on demand on their custom-designed landing page, which family and friends can access whenever they need. By live streaming funerals, it is allowing families to mourn and say goodbye to their loved ones when they cannot physically be there.

Live streaming has been around for more than 20 years, and funeral homes all around Australia have been exploring live funeral streaming well before COVID began. There are so many reasons, other than COVID, as to why some people may not be able to physically attend a service. Live Streaming brings so much flexibility and takes away an element of stress at an already very stressful time.

To make this Sydney Funeral a beautiful and successful service, Go Live used 3 cameras. We had two cameras on tripods, they were fixed to a wide and tight shot capturing the priest’s ceremony and readings. We also had a roaming camera that captured the Hurst arriving and the family carrying the coffin to the front of the church. The live stream was done beautifully, every emotion could be felt and the family were so happy with the send-off they were able to give their mother through live streaming.

Before the live stream, we worked with the family to create a custom-designed landing page which is where the service was streamed to. The custom design included photographs of their mother. After the live streamed service concluded, we worked with the family to edit the recording with additional music and pre-recorded content.

If COVID is stopping you from having the funeral that you planned for your loved ones, please contact the Go Live team today and we can discuss the options you have for live streaming the service so no family and friends are left without saying goodbye.

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