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Live Stream My Wedding

One of the fastest-growing trends in the wedding industry is Live Streaming! There are multiple reasons why Live Streaming has increased in popularity and why many brides and grooms opt to have a virtual element at their weddings.

They may have chosen to elope but still want family and friends to be part of their special day, they may have chosen a destination wedding, and not everyone can attend. More commonly, in today’s environment, COVID restrictions do not allow all their family and friends to attend. You then have a public persona, such as a social media influencer, wanting to share their wedding to their followers in real-time. Whatever the reason to live stream a Wedding, live streaming wedding ceremonies and receptions has become the norm and has seen a lot of traction over the last five years, especially since COVID.

Advanced technology allows brides and grooms to have remote guests be part of their wedding, whether they be a reader at the ceremony or a father unable to attend doing his speech remotely. This Hybrid option has been a game-changer and so readily used over the last year. With many guests unable to travel overseas, or even interstate, Hybrid and live streamed events have allowed them to be part of the day. The best part of Live Streaming is its versatility, making even the hardest of situations possible!

Live Streaming your wedding is an affordable way to share your special day with all your family and friends, but what exactly must couples consider if they are going down the avenue of Live Streaming their wedding?

Hire A Professional Live Streaming company

Do your research to ensure that the Live Streaming company you choose for your wedding has a proven presence within the industry. Ask to see some of their past jobs to ensure they have the proper experience a Live Streaming producer should have. It would be best if you even asked them for referrals from past couples and clients.

Schedule meetings with your Live Streaming Producer to ensure they are across what you expect from the Live Stream and make sure they understand your style and flare. 

Test, Test and Test Again

A professional Live Streaming Producer understands the importance of doing multiple tests before the big day. The last thing that any couple wants is something to go wrong at their wedding, and once you are live, you only get one chance to get it right! 

If your chosen Live Stream Producer is not doing tests before going live, that should raise many red flags about how experienced they are! You may want to consider other Live Streaming companies.

Check Internet Connectivity at the venue

Apart from having a professional and experienced live stream producer with state-of-the-art equipment, it is crucial internet connectivity is checked at the venue before your wedding. 

When connection speed is measured, two speeds need to be kept in mind, the download speed and the upload speed. Some may think that both would be the same at any given location; however, that is rarely the case. Internet providers will often provide more bandwidth for downloading, as this is what most people do. 

For a Live Stream, upload speed is critical. It is what determines the bitrate you can push to your streaming server. Without a solid upload speed, the Live Stream Wedding will lag, drop frames, and be a complete mess! Something all couples would want to avoid.

Discuss options of where you will live stream your wedding

There are many options on where you can Live Steam your wedding. It is just a matter of selecting the right platform for the wedding, and there is no right or wrong answer; however, when considering social network platforms, you might want to consider the following:

  • It is hard to ensure your Live Streamed Wedding’s privacy and keeping uninvited people from coming across your wedding stream.
  • Live Streamed weddings will more than likely have copyrighted background throughout the event. Due to this, social platforms can automatically block and delete the stream without notice, and the hoops you must jump through to have the stream allowed may be unnecessary stress when there are other options. 
  • Many of the videos posted to social media platforms only have a short shelf life and will be deleted without warning a few months after being posted.
  • Most of these platforms require your guests to have accounts and applications installed, which might confuse the older generation.

You then have the option of going through the platforms used by the Live Stream company you have appointed for your live streamed wedding. Our live stream platform is an excellent solution for many bridal couples looking to live stream their wedding to their guests but who doesn’t want to spend the hefty charge of buying their own. The lives stream platform we use at Go Live can capture views, device information and user location. It also provides password protection and domain name restrictions, ensuring the privacy of your live wedding.

After your live stream wedding has ended, our live player displays the latest video for users to watch as a video on demand. 


There are many things to consider when you decide to Live Stream your wedding. Therefore, if you want a smooth process, trust our professional team’s expertise in making your live streamed wedding an unforgettable experience. Call the Go Live team today!

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