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Our live stream video services provided the Northern Territory Writers Festival to go live all over the NT from remote Alice Springs

The Northern Territory writer’s festival is held alternatively between Darwin or Alice Springs. This year it was the turn of Alice Springs to host the event at the Olive Pink Botanic Garden from the 18th-21st of May. The NT Writers festival invited Go Live to come on board this year to host the live stream for the 2017 annual writers festival with our GLA Australian Live stream production team sending the content from Alice to our server. This was then embedded into the platform of the seven-location spread through out the Northern Territory.

The artists for this event consisted of storytellers, song women and writers from all over the Northern Territory to participate in the two-day event that is set against the breathtaking backdrop of the McDonnell Ranges. The interesting thing about this live streaming Australia event was that the stories told by the local people of the land about giant caterpillar ancestors and other cultural stories that they have grown up with in the Alice Springs area.

Our live streaming solutions were able to bring the Northern Territory writers community closer than ever before and help expand not only the festival’s exposure throughout the state, but also helped promote the writers books for purchasing.

For this central Australia live stream production, we set up two cameras in two separate rooms to cover separate stages for individual acts.We set up an individual switcher in each room and the production crew alternated between to stages to whatever act needed to live streamed.

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