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Live Streaming Cameras

Many different types of cameras can be used for live streaming an event, and in general, they all do the same thing, capture the content and utilise the feed for the Livestream. Although it is possible to use the feed from any camera, then ingest this into the Livestream, specific cameras are much more suited for live streaming than other cameras on the market.

The main difference between cameras is the quality one produces compared to another. In this case, this could mean the difference between an excellent live stream and a poor-quality stream. Furthermore, the functionality of a camera can play a big part in the type of shot that can be captured, benefiting your stream if used correctly.

PTZ Cameras

Pan tilt cameras or commonly known as PTZ cameras are remote-control cameras that can be accessed remotely to suit the environment they will be capturing. This could mean adjusting the iris, gain or white balance, which can all be done from a control room or external location in another state or country. Although, for the name’s sake, PTZ is the primary purpose of a PTZ, Pan Tilt Zoom. Meaning you can pan the camera around (360 degrees), tilt the camera up and down and lastly, zoom the camera in on the subject. These cameras are best used in the live streaming environment when you want to capture multiple angles, mount from a beam or post up in the air. Plus, these cameras can minimise the amount of staff utilised on an event as you can reduce the number of operated cameras, ultimately saving on cost. Although for quick adjustments like chasing a presenter around the room or going in tight some on someone fast, PTZ are not the most practical camera for this task.

As a camera to purchase, we recommend using Birddog as a PTZ camera of choice. The technology they have built into their cameras is the way forward in the live streaming industry, using NDI protocol that ultimately means you can access the camera via an ethernet cable on the open internet. Plus, the cable powers the camera as well.


Birddog 4k PTZ


Mirrorless and DSLR camera

DSLR cameras have a mirror inside them that reflects light inside the camera; the light bounces up into the optical viewfinder, alternatively with a mirrorless camera, the light goes directly into the image sensor. Viewfinders on the mirrorless cameras are electronic and show the exact preview of the image that you would see on the LCD screen.

Furthermore, the difference between a mirrorless and DSLR camera to a camcorder is the two will produce a better-quality video image than the camcorder as they generally have a larger sensor.

Although these stills cameras can shoot video content with a more shallow depth of field type, they are not as ergonomic when live streaming an event. For example, the ergonomics of a camcorder is more suitable as the fingers on the right-hand side fall onto buttons needed to either zoom in and or record. Unless you are manually focusing the zoom ring as required.

Canon DSLR Camera


Camcorders/Broadcasting Cameras

Lastly, we believe the best type of camera for live streaming is a camcorder and not only for the ergonomic reason discussed above, but the simplicity it offers compared to a still’s camera when utilising them for a Livestream. When you rely on setting up quick and on the go event like a Livestream, the camcorder is the ideal camera for this reason.

Shooting a slow zoom on a DSLR stills camera is not an easy task as most camera lenses don’t have a powered zoom like a camcorder, plus the lens of a stills camera can be heavy and bulky when trying to capture the shot.

Another benefit of a camcorder is that the Audio capability is far more superior to a stills camera. They generally include an advanced microphone and XLR inputs for capturing more professional audio feeds.

Furthermore, there used to be a bit of disparity between a camcorder and a still cameras sensor chip, giving the DSLR that edge on quality. But the capabilities of some of the latest camcorders have significantly improved since the camera companies have installed larger 1” sized sensors in the latest camcorders.

Canon Xf405 Camcorder

Suppose you are primarily going to shoot video content for a Livestream. In that case, camcorders capture brilliant video footage, comfortable and quick to use compared to other types of cameras, giving you great control over what you shoot and how you capture it.

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