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Live streaming event is the new norm

Livestreaming is the new norm and what comes with it is the new way of doing events. Livestreaming remote callers into the event are helping open up the world of education and entertainment to new opportunities, plus creates greater scope for International speakers to participate.

Remote callers – what are they and how does this work for my event? It is simple when you are live streaming an event; you have the ability to have speakers present at your event from anywhere around the world. Livestreaming allows your audience to communicate with them as if they were there at the live event.

As we settle into what is the new norm for events. Industry professionals are predicting that live streaming is here to stay, even when restrictions do lift, livestreaming will continue to be an essential part of every event. It is estimated that the livestreaming industry has increased by 200% to date since the beginning of March.

Furthermore, the reason for this is, event organisers are realising is that with livestreaming, they can still offer high-quality events for a fraction of the cost. Even when restrictions are lifted, it is predicted that hybrid events (In-person/part virtual) will be the way forward.

In addition to reduced costs, another benefit that is being found is that of the increased speaker pool. With new technology, event organisers can ingest international or remote speakers into their livestream as if they are onsite and in person. This also creates many benefits, as the time commitment that a speaker must dedicate is far less as they do not need to fly to an event for days, reduces the budget as you do not need to pay for travel or accommodation for the speakers and staff. This allows event organisers to be able to approach international speakers that in the past,  would have found non-feasible as they did not fit into the budget.

The strong message that is out there is that if you are planning for future events, make sure you include live streaming, so you stay at the forefront of communicating with your staff and customers world wide.

Live streaming is the way of the present and future, and the technology and opportunities that come with this will only increase. If you are interesting hosting a Live streaming event, give Go live a call on 1300 719 633.

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