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Live Streaming for the Medical Industry

Teaching Purposes:

Live streaming is the perfect tool for the medical industry to communicate a specific message. Go Live Australia offers a variety of packages that can help you reach your target audience. From teaching new methods to students or hosting a conference or event, our services are perfectly suited. 

Conferences / Events:

One of the most common use cases of live streaming / webcasting is to take an event and share it out to a larger audience. This is a great tool for any medical event or medical conference as you are able to engage with your potential audience Australia wide and across the globe.

All of our livestream packages include unlimited viewers and a ‘Youtube like’ player that is scalable and works across all devices. Allowing your audience to tune in live from anywhere. 

We also feature immediate On Demand, so if any of your audience missed the livestream they are able to catch up after the event. 
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Remote Controlled Cameras:

Our services can also be utilized in the theatre. Using PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras we can place small cameras in hard to reach places and control them remotely from a central location.  

This can be utilized to live stream operations and sensitive demonstrations where having a manned camera is not possible. On many occasions we have made use of multiple PTZ cameras to capture over head shots of the operating theatre and screens in the room, then broadcasting out to a group of students or doctors. 

Custom Event Landing Pages:

Included in all of our packages is a custom event landing page hosted by us. This landing page is able to host the actual live stream event and gives you a static link to send out to your audience. 

These landing pages can be customized to include details on your stream, download links for flyers and brochures, Q&A fields and password protection. 

Skype Connectivity:

For an extra step of connectivity we take use of a commercial grade Skype system to increase the level of engagement between students and doctors. We have worked closely with Westmead Hospital to stream live an operation from the theatre to a group of students in another room. The Skype system then allows the students to talk directly to people in the theatre and have live dialogue with what is happening. This level of engagement was not possible before.

The Skype system also allows for completely separate productions to connect, with up to 4 calls running simultaneously. Meaning we can send camera feeds in both directions, or 3, or 4 depending on the configuration. Allowing you to connect an operating theatre with 3 separate rooms in different locations, all live. 

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