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Live streaming funerals, the new digital age helping people mourn!

Digital technology is helping to evolve the way that we do things and has made the impossible, possible. Funeral streaming is of no exception and has become the norm in this ever-changing world we all find ourselves living in. More and more funeral homes are installing live streaming equipment into the place of mourning so they can provide live funeral streaming services as a package. Additionally, more people are hiring portable professional live streamingcompanies to live stream a funeral if the funeral house does not have the live stream infrastructure available! 

Live streaming these services are enabling family and friends to ‘attend’ wherever they are in the world and giving people options they never had previously. By live-streaming funerals, it is allowing families to mourn and say goodbye to their loved ones when they cannot physically be there.

With all the COVID conversations that are taking place at the moment, one conversation resonated the most! Imagine finding out a loved one had passed away, and as a family member you were halfway around the world from them, imagine not being able to grieve by your family’s side or attend the funeral service, imagine that was a close relative that you can not say goodbye too. It is the unthinkable but so many stories like this are unfolding every day and giving people that flexibility to watch funeral services live online is giving them a level of comfort. 

Live streaming has been around for more than 20 years, and funeral homes have been exploring live funeral streaming well before COVID even existed. There are so many reasons, other than COVID, as to why some people may not be able to attend a service physically. It brings so much flexibility and takes away an element of stress at an already very stressful and sensitive time for families by allowing families to watch funerals live online.

So how to live stream a funeral? There are many ways that this can be achieved without assistance from professionals. However, as an established live streaming company, we have the expertise, knowledge and advice to bring each live funeral and service to families and friends in a seamless and smooth production, while remaining caring and compassionate throughout the process. We come with the equipment, expertise and attitude to cover the live funeral service in the best possible way for the family and friends of the deceased to be part of service if they can not attend. 

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