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Live Streaming how does it work

Live streaming is gaining momentum not only in the events industry but in the way companies are running the day-to-day business. Go Live is live streaming more than we have ever done before, and there is no indication this type of industry will slow down. Many companies now realise that Live Streaming is an efficient way to communicate and is the new norm.

Go Live is Live Streaming more and more each day, but how does it all work exactly?

Well, Live streaming refers to online streaming media simultaneously and records and broadcast in real-time. Unlike pre-recorded videos that can be edited in post-production, live streaming is exactly the opposite. It’s live and completely uncensored. 

Live players, similar to youtube and Vimeo media players, can be embedded into your website or any website of your choice. Alternatively, past and present clients have the option of a custom landing page that can be designed, with the URL being issued to viewers who can watch the Livestream in real-time or on-demand at a later time. Plus, the Live stream is sent out in multi-bitrate, allowing the live stream event to be watched on any device, making accessibility that much easier.

Generally, a live player is white-labelled and has no external branding, meaning,  companies can gain as much exposure for their brand as possible, without promoting other labels, allowing your label to be show cased clearly and concisely and stand out to your audience. 

We can also incorporate graphics, branding, introduce speakers with lower thirds (name description), or even roll a commercial to advertise your product or brand. You can even ingest PowerPoint slides into the live stream which support the presenters or keynote speakers.

If gaining the most views is something you want to achieve, then you can set up a live stream on multiple platforms to gain maximum exposure. Alternatively, if the stream is private, you have the option to password protect the event for only invited viewers to log in and watch. This can be done by either sharing this password with who you like or selling virtual tickets for pay-per-view.

Once the live streamed event is finished, the player will become an on-demand video that can be viewed at any time.

We shoot with high definition cameras and ingest the signal directly into our live streaming hardware that is specifically made for live streaming.

Our Live stream services are affordable without ever compromising on quality. When your event is live, you only have one chance to get it right, the live stream services that we provide ensure that you have the best quality and experience to guarantee you the best live-streamed event.

If you are interested in hosting a live event, get in touch with the live streaming professionals, Go Live Australia.

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