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Live streaming, how does it work?

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Some of the most common questions we are asked are, what is live video streaming? Alternatively, how can I stream a live video myself?

These are common questions, with a lot client’s explaining they are confused about how the whole technical side with lives streaming works. Put simply, we set up multiple cameras within an area, being in a conference room, auditorium, sports ground or any location for that matter. These camera feeds are then sent back to a portable switcher for mixing to create a production, adding graphics, branding, audio and advertising videos.

Once the audio and visual production is created, we send this production feed out of the machine through a live cellular bonding device, sending the production to an online server called Livestream that has created a media player and provides an IFrame that would have been ingested into your website, social media platform, content delivery network or similar platform.

The media player can have a countdown clock at the start, indicating when the event will start or holding a slide, which can be removed once the event starts. The possibilities are endless with live streaming functions. If you would like to know more about how does live streaming work? Get in contact with the live video streaming experts for a free consultation, and we can explain to you what is live video streaming.





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