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Livestreaming-Hybrid events-an-essential-element

We strongly believe that the time of only in-person events is in the past, live streaming has become an essential part of any event and marketing mix. We can blame the pandemic but really what people have realised is that there are so many benefits to live streaming an event in addition to having the traditional in-person element. This is where a Hybrid event is born – traditionally a Hybrid event means you will have an in-room component where you have a physical audience as well as an online component where people are either presenting or watching online. Live streaming your in-person event and turning it into a hybrid event can give you the best of both worlds. What we are hearing more and more in this new Hybrid event world is the debate around the pros and cons of virtual-only and in-person events. We all know the usual sayings virtual events save money and in-person events have more engagement. BUT the beauty of a Hybrid model is that you can have the best of both worlds. 

Let’s explore the main advantages of a Hybrid event model! 


You hear cost savings thrown around when talking about virtual events or Hybrid events because it is true – there are massive cost savings to be had when it comes to a Hybrid event. Traditionally in-person events are extremely expensive when you consider venue hire, travel etc. When you bring a virtual element into the event and create a Hybrid event it means that attendees can watch from their office and not have to travel, or you may be able to engage high-profile speakers for a reduced amount as they do not need to travel. Therefore the time commitment is much smaller and therefore reduced cost. Some organisations are even finding that they do not need to hire as large a venue when they do a Hybrid event or that they can charge a premium for the in-person experience. The cost benefits are extensive, and in a world of ever-increasing prices cost savings is an essential part of any business. 


Whilst a physical or in-person event is constrained by the physical capacity of the room, a Hybrid event has no limits, you can invite people from all around the world, and there is no limit. By the same token, you can engage international speakers who will draw a bigger crowd as they do not need to travel. Presenters who would once have never been considered are now a possibility in the Hybrid event world. 


A common misconception about virtual events is that there is too much focus on the fact that in-person attendance rates will drop; what needs to be the focus is how much attendance rates could increase when you are looking at both the in-room audience and the online audience. It also allows you to offer different experiences based on what the attendee wants to see, this again increases attendee rates as they do not need to commit to a whole day out they can log in and see the sessions they want. 


Having your hat in both rings means you can be flexible to change with anything the world throws at you. If, by chance, government restrictions changed or risks increased you are flexible and able to change your event to suit whatever environment you find yourself in. 


Lastly, we can’t underestimate the future benefit of a Hybrid or online event, it is so much easier to create a buzz online about an upcoming event if you have that online audience base; you can use it as a key marketing and promotional tool to drive excitement and to encourage attendees to tell their friends.

There are so many benefits to a Hybrid event, and after the last two years, it is firmly cemented into most event plans now; viewers and attendees require this as an option and events that do not offer a virtual element will be left behind. People want options, they want flexibility, and they are coming to expect this when considering events. 

Go Live are Hybrid event specialists; call our team today to let us help you make your event a Hybrid.

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