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Live Streaming Melbourne conference

Recently Go Live Australia live-streamed an event in Melbourne for a National organisation in the medical services industry.

Our live streaming services were a great way to link staff from all around the country without having to bring everyone together at a great expense. The significant efficiency allowed the organisation to save on cost, plus save by utilizing our live streaming services in the Melbourne location.

The live streaming services were also enhanced by applying a Q&A with the audience in Melbourne, which could be heard and seen by the staff all around Australia, plus viewed anywhere in the world for that matter, even if you have a team globally.

If the staff was not able to attend that day, the live stream will be recorded as a DVR video, then placed on the company’s website or media platform so even if you were not in Melbourne for the live stream, or able to attend, it is still visible at any point to view at your own convenience.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use our live streaming services in Melbourne or any other location in Australia, we can provide you with the professionalism and customer service you expect. Our experienced staff have the knowledge and expertise to live stream your event from all over Australia. If you are interested in hosting a live stream in Melbourne or any other location, please get in contact with live streaming services professionals. Go Live Australia.

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