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Our live streaming services assisted the Queensland Crime Commission live stream the recent public hearing

Our live streaming services assisted the Queensland Crime Commission live stream the recent public hearing. This allowed viewers to remain up to date with the status of the trial proceedings.

Operation Belcarra looked at the conduct of candidates who were involved in the 2016 local government elections for the Gold Coast City Council’s. By live streaming this trial local councils who were involved such as Moreton Bay, Ipswich and Bribie Island could stay up to date.

The livestream of this trial needed to be available to the public giving a transparent vision for all those involved. As the courtroom was limited to the amount of seating for the hearing, the commission had to look at alternatives for the public to be part of the hearing – enter livestreaming.

The most practical alternative was for the commission to live stream the event to give unlimited access for the public to watch the hearings. So the QCCC contacted Go Live to discuss how this live streaming this event through the commission’s website for the publiv to view would reach this goal. This also allowed anyone unable to attend the hearing in person and additionally allowed anyone to watch the hearing from any location on an external device of their choice.

To achieve the best visual for this hearing, we used four cameras around the room to capture different angles, which included witnesses, solicitors and the commission’s head judge. Our live streaming company ambition is to make sure the quality of the live event is nothing but the best and we achieve this by using the latest High definition cameras in the market then ingested these feeds into our live stream production switcher to integrate with graphics, branding then sent this out via the live stream Australia platform. If you would like to stream your event live, send us an enquire or give us call for more information.


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