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Live streaming services

Are you looking for innovative ways to launch a new product or to boost your brand? At Go Live Australia our live streaming services are the perfect channel for today’s technology era. Our live event streaming team are one of the most experienced in the industry with a combined total of 50 years experience in filming and production across multiple industries including media, sports, corporate, the arts – essentially anything and everything is being livestreamed. Whatever your needs our live streaming company can help assist you with your next live production.

Our live streaming services provides you with the opportunity to reach multiple markets segments, across multiple geographical locations. In the traditional event arena you are limited to the one location to promote your product or brand – with our live streaming services the possibilities are endless.

We have heard first hand from our client’s right across the country both in cities and remote rural locations how much our livestreaming services are changing the landscape of speaking to your customers and potential customers. For example, we reently livestreamed the NT Writers festival, as you can imagine this is a remote area where we live streamed an event for people otherwise unable to attend the event, they were able to be part of the experience. Likewise this is the same in the main capital cities, when we assist companies with our live streaming services. Within a corporate environment our livestreaming services have allowed corporate companies to massively reduce their costs as they can stream to their other office locations as opposed to the traditional costly junkets.

Livestreamin is really starting to catch on in locations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide – more remote locations such as Tamania, NT, Broome, WA are all starting to embrace the livestreaming technolocy – Our team will travel anywhere to work with you on your live event streaming production.

Is security at concern for you or your legal team? Well we can set your live stream event up with a password that only your staff can access, additionally we can restrict the sites that the livestream can be embeded on, just let us know your needs and we will have a solution that fits. Whatever the need we will have a solution for your personal live event streaming production.

What ever your live streaming needs we will have a solution for you. Call us to help with you next live stream event and let us help you customise this to suit your vision. We can take you through how our live streaming services offer you the ability to engage with anyone, anywhere from one central location.

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