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Livestreaming software Australia - What is this, and how can you Go Live?

Live streaming an event is a cost-effective way to reach a larger targeted audience than an in-person town hall or an all-hands meeting. Whether the viewers are local or in another country, hosting an event with live software tools can expand the audience beyond the events room.   

What is Live Streaming Software?

Live streaming software is a unique tool that you can use to customise the online experience your viewers will have in the lead-up and during your online event.

Hosting a professional event online requires an individual or team (depending on the scope) to film the event with a camera/s. The event may need a video switching device to add graphics, mp3, mp4 and logos requiring you to transcode the content to a chosen platform.

Depending on the event scope, you might need to mix multiple microphones and monitor the audio for optimum sound for your online audience. The mixed program is transmitted from an RTMP encoder via cellular towers to a white-labelled media player.

Your live streaming software is what houses the player via a custom landing page; this allows virtual guests to be notified when the stream is happening as well as a place to contain all the essential details required for your event.


What does Live Streaming Software do?

Live streaming software allows you to customise your event portal with the stream sent via a process called video encoding, sent through the live streaming software, which lets you connect with your viewers and show all the essential details your viewers will need.

Brand your event and use this Livestream software as a marketing tool to inform your virtual guests of anything they need to know before the event, and this is a great way to engage with your online audience before the event.

Either multiple-camera, multi-crew production to one-camera- producer production, you can use this simplified Livestream landing page software to increase the quality of your streaming event. Ensuring brand consistency for your event as you can customise your company colour scheme, logo and copyright, giving your event page that wow factor it deserves. 

Support Team

A lot is involved, but don’t worry; help is on hand. Our Australian support team will assist you every step of the way, from concept to event completion – they will use their years of experience within the live streaming industry to guide you and ensure your event is a roaring success.

Integrate external features from other software to interact with the audience, and place a Q & A feature from the live stream software onto the landing page. This live stream tool allows you to ensure all of your events engage with your online audience.

Quality counts, especially with all the DIY options on the market now; your audience wants quality. You can stream in 1080p (a high-quality stream) via RTMP encoders or live video mixing software.

Our Clients

Go Live incorporates a high level virtual hosting platform to deliver high-quality video to all kinds of devices. All of our virtual streams run at a minimum of 1080p and send multi-bitrate streaming to all users.