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Live Streaming trends for 2023

It is a topic we have broached many times over the last few years, and 2023 will prove no different. Live Streaming will continue to revolutionise businesses across multiple industries worldwide. The adoption rate of live Streaming is predicted to expand even more in 2023. The opportunities that live streaming brings to companies are endless, and live Streaming shows no signs of slowing down. 

Companies host live concerts, webinars, product demos and launches, Town Halls and graduations, to name a few, allowing audiences to tune in from around the world. 

So what are the forecasted trends of live Streaming in 2023?

Hybrid events will dominate

People have realised that there are so many benefits to live streaming an event in addition to having the traditional in-person element. This is where a Hybrid event is born. Traditionally, a Hybrid event means you will have an in-room component with a physical audience and an online component where people are either presenting or watching online. Live streaming your in-person event and turning it into a hybrid event can give you the best of both worlds. What we hear more and more in this new Hybrid event world is the debate around the pros and cons of virtual-only and in-person events. We all know the usual sayings that virtual events save money and in-person events have more engagement. BUT the beauty of a Hybrid model is that you can have the best of both worlds. 

By adopting a hybrid model for your events, you have the following benefits:

  • Cost Savings 
  • Greater reach and quality of presenters 
  • Increase attendees 
  • Flexibility

Event Organisers will be looking for All-in-one solutions

According to gather, event organisers will look for further consistency in their attendees’ event experience. They will be looking for a “one-stop shop” where everything will be accessible from one place and on one platform. This will make the whole process for both the organisers and attendees smoother. 

When looking at an all-in-one event solution for your next live-streamed event, it should cover the following:

  • event registration set-up process and emails
  • event ticketing and badges
  • exhibitor data capture
  • post lead capture emails

Go Live is developing its own platform that can do precisely that, which is currently at MVP stage. It can do all the above and more when the next stage is rolled out. It will hold the event rundown, speaker bios and links to their educational worksheets, and host video content (different to the live stream media player). It will be entirely customisable for our client’s branding. The best aspect that it will have is a snowboard and asset builder embedded into the platform. The Go Live team are very excited to roll out the next stages. 

More Businesses with Embrace Video Streaming

A study reveals that 35% of marketers include live streams in their marketing strategy. Since 80% of the audience prefers watching a video over reading a blog, more and more businesses are integrating videos into their marketing strategy. In 2023, companies will incorporate live video Streaming to interact with their audience, reach them easily, and promote their products. We had seen the increase unfold before our eyes and noticed that companies are going even larger with their live streamed events because they have seen how successful they can be. In 2022 we held a live stream simulcast across 7 locations for the Master Electricians Excellent awards, a huge production they would be doing again in 2023. 

IKEA product launch


Live stream eCommerce is on the rise

According to softJourn, brands are now focusing on promoting and selling their merchandise through live streamed video shopping, rather than interacting with the audience through social media influencers. eCommerce live Streaming has become a significant trend, which is expected to increase again this year. Users can now showcase their products so their audience can easily purchase them. Live shopping and shop-exclusive deals will offer better prices to attract a new audience and get them interested in buying trending products. 

This was the case with the live stream event we did for Fendi last in 2022 and the art auctions we continue to live stream for Menzies. Their return on investment made the whole live stream extremely worth their while. 

So, in 2023, how can you and your company improve your live streams to gain more attention and traction?

  • Make sure your internet connection is good
  • Use a good-quality recording device for both video and audio
  • Have powerful content to discuss that will engage your audience, and be prepared to deliver the content on the day
  • Always ensure your lighting is sufficient, not too bright and not too dark
  • Be a proactive host! Nobody likes to watch a dull host
  • Engage your audience in real-time
  • Test, test, test before going live and always have a backup for redundancy
  • Be consistent
  • Promote your live stream well before going live

Most of all, invest in a professional live streaming company, like Go Live, who will deliver a professional live streamed event every time! We have the experience and knowledge to propel your next live stream forward for excellent results and traction! 

Without a doubt, Live Streaming is one of the most used technologies of the century. What once was seen as a form of entertainment medium has become much more for companies looking to increase productivity, expand their business, and reach more people, and for a fraction of the price. Staying ahead of the curve is more important than ever before, so it is essential that you have a solid plan for your live streamed events in 2023. 

Go Live are live stream specialists; call our team today to let us help you ensure your next virtual event is a success.

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