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Live Streaming University Events

Most Universities would be aware of live streaming; however, some may have never tried it. Since the social distancing bans in response to COVID 19, many universities opting to live stream the graduations doubled. Fundamentally, this is because Universities could not have physical attendees onsite to see the graduates receive their certificates.

Go Live works with many universities, learning centres and professional bodies, in Australia wide, for Live streaming events, producing and filming, which has giving Universities many possibilities. They have seen the benefits live streaming has brought to their Universities – think Townhalls, Student/staff addresses, symposiums, graduations and more.

A common question when Universities use our live streaming services is ”Can we only use one platform to stream too?” The answer is no; the university event can be live streamed to multiple platforms, simultaneously. Ultimately, the Go Live streaming service allows your event to reach a larger audience as you can broadcast live feeds to many different platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and a media player on your website, all at the same time.

Furthermore, streaming a University event is a safe and cost-effective way to bring value to your audience while avoiding costly cancellations or delays. We saw this throughout 2020, as Universities had to pivot in response to COVID. Two years later, almost all the Universities that utilised our services are still operating exclusively through virtual tours and events. Of those Universities hosting a virtual event, the reported benefits were:

  • Comparable or increased attendance to in-person events
  • Greater accessibility for out-of-state and international University students
  • Increased and more productive engagement

No matter how many sessions your University event has, Go Live can host your event schedule virtually. Live streaming is a fantastic way to reach and engage with your University community and beyond! All events are also automatically archived. Your University event will become a video on demand directly after the stream ends, meaning University students can access the event post live stream.

Some of Go Live’s regular clients are Torrens University, Open Universities, University of Wollongong and Monash University, to name a few, all of which have single-handedly experienced the benefits of streaming their University events.

Noting they realise there are very few restrictions to Go Live video services and audio streaming services as we can produce a variety of video and multimedia content, involving graphics, pre-recorded content, and even live chat functions.

For the majority of University clients, they need to be able to track the success of their live-streamed event; this includes the viewership and viewer behaviour, plus monitoring the data so that they can make improvements on their next event. By providing these analytical reports post-event our University clients can evaluate the outcome of their live events.

Live streaming services help Universities broadcast like professionals and create events that are easy to watch and enjoyable for the students and viewers. Suppose you like the idea of live streaming your next University event and want to take action. In that case, live streaming is a fantastic way to reach and engage with your University community and beyond! Get in touch with the industry professionals, and you can then focus on the event’s program, speakers and all the important stuff whilst we provide all the gear and crew to live stream your University event.

We would love to be able to talk about what we can offer for your next University event and see how we can take your student’s experience to the next level. Give us a buzz or send us an email, and we can see what live stream package would suit your university event.

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