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Live Streaming with Musica Viva

The Internet was only the beginning, allowing innovative ways for companies to communicate virtually and with ease, but over the past 20 years, live streaming is becoming the mainstream way we can share our brands, business and events to an even larger audience. Through today’s fast-evolving live streaming solutions, it has become even more possible to watch a live stream of an event from anywhere in the world, and there are no limitations on the types of events that are turning to Live Streaming to connect with their audience. 

Go Live were approached by musica viva to service and Live Stream their event “Discover musica viva – Karin Schaupp”. Musica viva was founded in 1945 by Romanian-born violinist Richard Goldner and runs one of the most extensive music education programs in Australia. This intimate solo classical guitar recital took place on the 22nd August 2020 in Karin’s beautiful home in Everton Park QLD, Australia. 

With the harsh reality many companies are having to face by cancelling events due to COVID, musica viva saw an opportunity and solution with Go Live that would allow this event to take place and achieve such a great result.  

To achieve such a well presented Live streamed music event, Go Live used three 4k cameras, one operated (tight), one wide and roaming. The camera angles were switched to create the intimate ambience the client was trying to achieve for this recital.

Our professional producer has an incredible eye for detail and feels for how a classical recital should be presented. Plus with high-quality lighting and audio was able to captivate her audience as though they were sitting right in front of her.

Live-streamed events can be hosted on several different platforms, many hosted on a custom landing pages designed by Go Live, but on this occasion, the Live Stream was hosted directly to the clients Vimeo account.

Go Live supply high end live streaming services Australia wide, and this could be that solution you’re looking for to put a stop in cancelling you’r events. If you are interested in bringing your event live, contact the live streaming professionals, Go Live, on 1300 719 633.

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