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Live Video Streaming, Engaging Student Viewers

Schools, Universities and TAFE’s in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, ACT and Perth have needed to adapt to a new way of running their events. Due to having such heavy event schedules throughout the year, it was a matter of finding a way they could still execute these events, whilst not losing their audience, plus making the events engaging on a higher level. 

Part of our Live Streaming capabilities is to ingest Live Videos into the stream, meaning the streaming video content is sent over the internet in real-time, without first being recorded and stored by the end viewers. These videos can be anything from a music video, commercial, science experiment or pre-recorded content from a keynote speaker that may not be able to be physically present at the event. The videos themselves allow for a more engaging experience as the event is happening in real-time, and the possibility for the audience to ask the presenter questions is achievable. 

We recently live-streamed the Digital Innovation Festival for South West TAFE, which was a free virtual science event, Live Streamed with Ruben Meerman (Author of Big Fat Myths). This event was Live Streamed from a studio in Brisbane and received over 1,300 views. 

To achieve such a well presented live-streamed science event, Go Live used two x 4K cameras, one operated by one of our professional videographers. We also ensured adequate lighting was set up to emphasise the series of science experiments that were conducted by Ruben.

Apart from the technical setup, a live video and PowerPoint presentation was ingested into the live stream. The videos and slides supported the content that was being delivered by Ruben and helped engage the thousands of students who viewed the event.  

Go Live supply high end live video streaming services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, ACT and Perth, and it is this solution that can take your next event to a live audience, from any location around the world.

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