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Live webcasting and your Return on investment (ROI)

If your audience can’t make your event, they now expect to be able to participate in the Live webcasting of the event on either your website or another website. Live webcasting is increasingly becoming an expectation of any event.

In the busy world we live in there are thousands of reasons your viewers can not attend an event in person. This is not a reason to lose them as a client or as an attendee even as a virtual attendee. Whether the reason is work or family commitments, time restrictions, cost restrictions we can help you break down these barriers and still have these people attend your event.

By using our live webcasting services for your event, you are allowing everyone to attend. Additionally with features such as live Q&A the viewer can participate as if they were in the room making them feel more apart of the event and allowing them to engage on a more personal level.

According to a survey recently completed by Livestream (leading online delivery network USA). In a regular survey conducted with event planners and marketing professionals. Live stream asked the questions – will the live webcasting stop people from attending a live event in person? The answer may surprise you….

The survey response said that 67% of people are more than likely to buy a ticket to an in – person event after watching a live webcasting of one of the previous event’s. Once the viewer is impressed from what they have seen from the live webcasting, they would be more likely to engage in the human experience the following year by attending the event. So not only does it not decrease attendance, studies prove it actually increases attendance rates in following years all due to live webcasting.

A case study to support this is Tough Mudder which has 2.5 million participants attend the event, with 14.9 Million people watching the same event on the website. The following year showed that almost double the amount of attendees participated in the physical event. It will be interesting to track if they continue to see similar increases.

Whilst this is all well and good, any campaign or any event needs to report on it’s Return on Investment (ROI). Historically, events have been expensive investments for organisations with not much return. The increase and introduction of pay-per-view has seen a massive increase in the ROI for events. Studies have shown that audiences will pay for quality live webcasting videos, statists show that 43% of viewers are likely to purchase virtual tickets for live webcasting if it is exclusive and on-demand.

What about live webcasting on multiple platforms, including Facebook, twitter and YouTube – this is all possible and allows you to engage with your audience or client on a more personal level, you can use social media to either build your following or direct people back to your website ultimately increasing the traffic through live webcasting.

Other interesting statistics from Livestream showed that 80% of audiences would rather watch live webcasting than read a blog or social post as Live webcasting is emotional, immediate and interactive and is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text.

When viewers are engaged they spend 8 times longer viewing live webcasting events/videos than standard on demand videos on any platform.

This is why we believe our Live webcast services is an essential tool for marketing to reach your audience. If you are wondering how you could hold a live webcasting for an event, call go live Australia and enquire about our Live webcast services and what we can do for your event.

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