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As you would know technology is moving forward rapidly, what was ground breaking two or three years ago has now become common technology. At Go Live Australia we are knowledgably  when it comes to new equipment and keep up to date with all the latest aspects of the live webcasting service industry requirements.

Our new equipment to service your live webcasting needs include the latest Panasonic 4k cameras. These cameras will provide your live webcast with the highest-grade picture available, so your viewers will associate your brand with being professional and high quality. This was the case for a Live webcast we recently did for a hair stylist brand that was part of the 2017 Sydney Hair Expo. For this Sydney event we used our latest 4k broadcast cameras to produce the highest quality vision for the audience in the venue to watch on the projector screens and viewers online.

As generational changes in marketing are shifting towards Internet based activities, we believe our live webcasting services is one of the best ways to get your message out there. While print media is still relevant, it’s the rise of live webcasting services that is really creating a unique edge to recent marketing campaigns, product launches and special events.

Our live webcasting services operate in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and through out regional areas all over Australia. We recently held a live stream in Alice Springs in the middle of Australia and provided our live webcasting services for other remote and rural locations to watch the live webcast. Our professional production team will travel almost anywhere and provide your company with our live webcasting services.

This will help your brand create a point of difference from your competitors and engage to reach markets on different online platforms.Whether it’s a Fashion live webcasting event in Sydney, a Facebook live webcast streaming out of Alice Springs or an intranet based livestream to your corporate offices around Australia, Go Live Australia has you covered.

Hit the media player below so we can guide you through how our Live webcast services works and show you the advantage you could have over your competitors from utilizing our Live Webcast Services.

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