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Livestreaming – who is it for?

The short answer ….. everyone …. every organization. ….


Livestreaming for corporates

Livestreaming for conferences

Livestreaming for churches

Livestreaming for marketing or event agencies

Livestreaming for TV&Radio

Livestreaming for Sports

Livestreaming for Government organisations

Livestreaming for Educational purposes

Livestreaming for Music related events


Every single one of the above industries have used Livestreaming to reach their audience. It is not seen as a ‘nice to have’ anymore but an essential part of your marketing mix. Not only that but Livestreaming can save your company 1000’s of dollars in roadshows or flying staff around the country, doing your budget wonders.


Go Live Australia recently livestreamed a corporate AGM that previously had cost the organization 250K plus, by livestreaming their AGM the company saved 75% of their original cost. How can you argue with that? Answer is you can’t.


Regardless of your industry, this is an age where you need to stay relevant; you need to stay in the consideration set of your target audience or viewing base. We are such an immediate society that if you give your audience or viewers the chance to forget you they will. There is no more loyalty, or it is considerably reduced. Livestreaming gives you the opportunity to reach people on a regular basis with engaging content.


What do you have to lose? Nothing. So call Go Live Australia today to talk about how Livestreaming can change the way you communicate with your audience.


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