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Most Useful Piece of Streaming Hardware – Decimator MD-HX

Today we are looking at the Decimator MD-HX and why it is such a key piece of gear that we have with us for every single production.

Our review of the Decimator MD-HX

The decimator is special because it has the ability to cross convert in both the HDMI – SDI direction and SDI-HDMI direction, as well as scale and do frame conversion. 

The most common use case for us is when we need to get a feed of a presentation laptop at the front of the room. To do this we run the HDMI out of the laptop and into the Decimator, we then run a HDMi loop out to the projector. We then scale the picture if needed to 1080p25 or 1080i50 depending on our project format and run an SDI out to our switcher. 

The reason this differs from a normal converter is the ability to send a loop out directly to the projector and get a scaled feed back to our switcher. The scaler also carries audio which allows us to keep videos in sync with the audience in the room and for our live productions. 

In some situations we can also take advantage of the additional SDI outputs, these are either loop outputs or linked to the scaler. Which we can use to run an additional feed out to a recorder. 

The routing system is often the most confusing part about this system and is best used on the desktop interface which is accessed when the Decimator is plugged in via USB to a computer. Check out the video for some tips on setting up your device through the interface.

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