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Multi Camera Live Streaming with the AJA U-Tap SDI – Product Review

The U-TAP SDI from AJA is a small powered USB 3.0 capture device for bringing in high quality video into your computer or workstation. The U-Tap is driverless making in widely supported amongst applications like Skype, VMix, YouTube & Facebook Live, Zoom, Webex & OBS.

The U-Tap comes in both SDI and HDMI variants. The SDI version comes with a 3G SDI in and loop out. Where as the HDMI version supports HDMI 1.4a and does not come with a loop out. Both versions support upto 1080p60 with integrated stereo audio.

The use cases for the product are very wide. You can easily connect an SDI or HDMI capable camera to your laptop to use in a meeting application like Skype or Zoom for better video and audio quality. Or you may want to connect a single camera to do a YouTube or Facebook Live for your page.

To launch a stream using the u-tap we are going to download the free OBS software. It’s very easy to add your U-Tap device into OBS. Just add a new source –> select Video Capture Device –> Type a name –> Click next and then select your U-Tap.

It is also possible to mix multiple cameras using an additional switcher and then outputting into the U-Tap and then into your computer. In the video we use the Roland V-1SDI, find out more info about that here. The Roland is a great budget friendly switcher that can take unto 4 input sources and has multiple SDI outputs.

With our OBS set up that allows us to mix multiple cameras, add graphics and use picture in picture layers to create a more dynamic and engaging stream.

Both versions of the U-Tap retail for $533 on our website, check them out below.

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