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Newtek 3play 3p1

NewTek 3Play 3P1 Replay System with Control Surface - Go Live Australia

Newtek 3play is the primary sports replay system for live sports events. Supporting dual channel inputs, 1080p60 vision, Newtek 3play 3p1 is the leading telestration system with transport control, including a live panel control feature.

Enlighten and entertain audiences, enhancing play-by-play and analysis with live telestration—right from the first replay. This playback system includes the function of using NDI Telestrator Pro technology, allowing you to roll immediate replays over the network from any compatible networked PC or touchscreen device.

The Dual – Channel first replay telestration also allows you

  • To work with a variety of professional paint and shape tools
  • Add the telestration to your production with a single ethernet cable
  • Allows you to draw and diagram over either or both 3Play 3P1 output channel
  • Import and placing custom logos, branding, and graphics
  • Perform remote clip playback with the responsive transport controls

3Play 3P1 is a team player, regardless of the equipment you use for making up your production infrastructure. NewTek’s innovative Network Device comprises of the most creative interface technology in the industry; this solution is compatibility with conventional gear running baseband 3G-SDI or HD- SDI video for embedding, ingesting analogue audio- 3Play 3P1 has the capability of producing any workflow that is thrown at it.

With this many features, you must be wondering how much is the Newtek 3play sp1. The Newtek 3play price is the most affordable modern replay system offered on the market, offering so much production power for only $32,000 Including GST. If you would like to know more about the Newtek 3Play 3P1 Replay system(with control surface), check out the link and send through an enquiry to speak one of our professional production team for free consultancy.

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