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NewTek 3play 425

NewTek 3Play 425 Full Unit Replay System with Controller - Go Live Australia

Hosting a sports event or production and need a solution for an instant- replay slow- motion in your production. The 3Play 425 Full Unit Replay system with controller from NewTek is a 6- channel instant- replay slow- motion HD server with a controller unit designed to use in control rooms, production vehicles or a location of your choice.

Not only does the Newtek 3play produce professional slow motion content, but this hardware can also store up to 30 hours of High Definition, recording marathon events with ease, whenever and wherever required.

The NT 3play slow motion features enable you to break down highlights or analyze pivotal moments frame- by- frame. Plus can be used as a standalone unit or collaborate with other live streaming hardware devices for maximum production quality.

The options are endless with the 3Play 425; it is possible to operate your entire event with the New Tek live sports combo and have a complete, integrated live production solution using a fraction of the space typically required for sports productions.

What is possible?

  • Multi-camera replay coverage with the 6 – channels, four cameras in and two fully independent channels out.
  • The easy function set up and operation systems.
  • Set up in a mobile location, press location, conference room, auditorium or a location of your choice.
  • Record up to 30 hours
  • Removable storage device
  • Smooth, interpolated slow motion
  • In game highlights
  • Instant replay
  • Add sound, transitions and background sound for a strong finish.
  • Standalone and Switcher- Friendly
  • Teamed up with TriCaster over a local network
  • Live sports combo, integrated live- production solution

The 3Play 425 price of $19,000 is a reasonable price for the quality that is offered. If you are interested in finding out more about the 3Play 425 and how you can integrate the slow-motion hardware into your production, get in contact with the live streaming professionals Go Live Australia for free consultancy.


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