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Now is the time to host a Webcast

If your business, organization, company or other has been affected by the COVID 19 virus, then chances are, either you or your colleagues are working remotely. So how do you communicate with each other?

If you are using teleconferencing software like Zoom, then you are on the right path. But! what if you want to your live webcast to look professional, sound clear and have the option of walking around the room and being followed. Plus you would like to ingest graphics, branding and power points into your webcast? Then this creates a problem when using teleconferencing software.

The difference is in the equipment used, as teleconferencing software utilises the tiny camera and audio from your computer to communicate with each other, whereas Go Live uses commercial grade equipment that will give your live webcast the edge it deserves. This equipment includes a professional tripod, 4k cameras, audio and lighting equipment, plus an internet signal that is extremely robust.

Go Live webcasting also has the capabilities to ingest graphics, lower thirds (name and title) and video content that may include advertising and branding. Plus we can host the live webcast on multiple platforms, which may include a social media platform, a content delivery network like YouTube or custom page of your choice.

We assume your message is important to continue business as usual, so we guarantee our webcasting will be much better than any teleconferencing live webcast software you will use and rely on to communicate and that is Go Live promise.

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