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We now rent live streaming and camera equipment

Professional Live Streaming Kit - Go Live Australia

Go Live Sydney branch is going into rental too not only rent video cameras in Sydney but also throughout the whole of Australia.

For the last five years, we have been solely focusing on providing professional Live Streaming services for various types of industries for big and small organizations throughout Australia and some international countries respectively.

Over these years we have LS anything from small sporting events, weddings, conferences and large festivals using the latest and most reliable live streaming equipment on the market.

What we have learned from providing our professional services is, quality is what counts and settling for anything less could potentially be the difference between a good or bad live production, potentially leaving the viewer with a poor perception of what your brand represents.

Also with the many year’s knowledge of knowing the do’s and don’ts during a live production, we decided to give you guys the option to hire our professional live streaming equipment to go live, which allows you the freedom of not being restricted to a time frame on when you can go live.

Our Sydney camera hire department will hire you anything from technical live streaming equipment, cameras, cables and tripods plus whatever else is needed to go live from anywhere in the country, this includes the remote locations throughout Australia.

Get in contact with go live camera rental Sydney department to see what we can rent to you for your next live event.