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OTT Platform

Go Live created the OTT Live streaming Platform to meet the need of companies, government bodies, sports organisers and consumers when hosting a Live Streaming event.

Our Over- the Top platform (OTT) does not only host your online live video; it has the capabilities of being customised and designed to be in line with the vision and workflow of your event.


What is an OTT Platform?

OTT (over-the-top) is a term that refers to streaming services that provide content to the viewer over the internet instead of content delivered via cable to a set-top box connected to the tv or any other device. Hence, OTT means “over the top” of the different protocols.

Live Streaming Tool

Customising the white-label media player and live event page characterises the event with your company design guide and promotes your logo, giving maximum exposure to your brand. Additionally, the live media player can be password protected, capture viewers’ contact details for post-event marketing and provide the analytics of who watched the live streaming event for post-event target marketing. Once the streaming event finishes, the player converts it into a video on demand (VOD) for anyone who missed the live stream.

What is an OTT Streaming Service

One of the live streaming tools is the content delivery network (CDN), providing the stream keys to allow you to Go Live via an RTMP encoder to the live stream software integrated on your custom landing page.

Also, our OTT broadcasting service does not restrict the number of viewers who watch your event player nor the duration of the Livestream. Once the live event is over, it will become a video on demand for viewers to watch later on the same landing page.



HLS Streaming

Don’t need a customised landing page? Just require a CDN to host the event; the live media player can be embedded on any site, making it possible to live stream to a website of your choice. The stream keys are provided from the OTT platforms stream settings, and don’t worry; our Australian support team can assist with embedding the live streaming tool on your site, being there every step of the way until you Go Live.


Sell tickets to the live event, add a pay-per-view facility on the media player, and track when virtual tickets are purchased, giving you an idea of your ROI for the event—guiding you on whether to market more to reach a targeted audience for the event.





Our Clients

Go Live incorporates a high level virtual hosting platform to deliver high-quality video to all kinds of devices. All of our virtual streams run at a minimum of 1080p and send multi-bitrate streaming to all users.