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Communicorp is a psychology advisory firm for organisations, sports athletes and high performing individuals throughout Australia. Communicorp focus is creating psychologically safe and healthy workplaces, intending to improve workplace mental health nationally.

As Covid19 restricted guests from physically attending the event, communicorp decided to host the annual event via a streaming video live media link that Go Live recommended.

Topics of this streaming video event included how the workforce has been forced to work from home and how this is affecting work production and ultimately, the mental health of the employee.

For the live video streaming event, Go Live hosted the live media event with two cameras, a switcher to ingest graphics, branding and lower thirds. Furthermore, the switcher allowed the presenters to talk alongside a PowerPoint presentation through the live streaming media event.

To improve the look of the set, Go Live utilised production lights to brighten up the room, eliminating any darker areas and shadows that were there —and presenting the speakers in the best possible environment during the live streaming video. Additionally, Go Live professional sound crew was on set to take care of the audio requirements.

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