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In8 Summit
The In8 summit is a conference for chiropractors throughout Australia; the conference consists of professional chiropractic speakers from all over the world. Generally, the meeting is attended in person. However, due to Covid 19, the conference was unable to go ahead with physical attendees, and the organisers decided to take the event online and host a Live Webcasting event instead.  The live webcast was a good way to bring all attendees together as most of the presenters and special guest where either not in the area or located in another country. The best  practice for them to present in the live webcasting event was to be connected through the switching software Vmix caller. V mix caller is a system that is part of the switching software Go Live use on each job to cut between the camera angles, add graphics and branding. This function allows the operator to queue up each remote guest in the software, then integrate this conversation into the Live webcasting event. The benefits over other teleconferencing software are the external guest can be watching the live webcast in a virtual waiting room and have the technology devices they are presenting on be prepared and tested before joining in on the live webcast event. Furthermore, the guest is not opening up multiple browsers, and everything is kept on the same platform, making the live experience for the guest much less complicated and easy to use.

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