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Prince Harry announces the 500 Day Countdown for 2018 the Invitcus games held in Australia.

It’s not every day, you get to meet a member of the royal family. But when Prince Harry came to Australia to announce the opening of the 2018 Invitcus games, This was the opportunity for our team to do just that! The reason behind the visit was to announce the 500 Day Countdown for the Sydney 2018 Invictus games. These games are for veteran soldiers that have been wounded in battle or suffering from mental illnesses/injuries due to war.

To cover all media marketing platforms, besides being only televised on the large networks, Invitcus wanted to stream the announcement on Facebook by a professional live video streaming company. This was for followers, or any other traffic on the largest social media platform, to be part of the countdown.

The announcement was held at the Generals Admiralty House in North Sydney. A marquee was set up on the grass at the rear of the house, which was able to house only a small amount of guests at the time. With limited amount of space for a production, our portable Live streaming solutions catered for the size and room available, perfectly.

Our team set up a wide and tight-angle camera, and then sent the feed back to the switcher for our operator to ingest branded graphics. The production was then sent out in multiple bitrate to be viewed on any device.

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Prince Harry and Invictus Games athletes