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Private Live Streaming Service

Go Live host private live streaming productions for their clients all year round, and the main reason for this is when a corporation holds a live streaming event, the client only wants a select audience to watch the live stream event as some of the information is not for public information. Meaning the content shared is to be private and is not suitable for the public to see and hear. Other benefits of hosting a private live streaming event, is the audience can write in a comment, and this will only be read by the private users who are watching the live streaming event.

Private live Streaming events is also useful for selling tickets for a paper view live streaming event. Because hosting a paper view event, the live stream must be private as this is the primary way to monetize the live stream event, allowing access to only paid viewers who hold a virtual ticket.

Some of Go Live larger clients provide international affiliated offices abroad access to their private live streaming events. And by doing this, it saves the corporation thousands of dollars on flights, accommodation and most importantly, time that could be used to operate the business.

In 2019, a third of Go Live streaming events were private, and this is because a majority of our clients are large organizations who are unable to share the information with the public. If you would like to know more about the private live streaming services that we offer or would prefer a catered solution for your event, get in contact with the live streaming professionals Go Live on 1300 719 633.

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