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Make Your Livestream Video Something That Is Compelling to Watch: Rent or Hire a Vision Switcher from Go Live Australia

Make Your Livestream Video Something That Is Compelling to Watch: Rent or Hire a Vision Switcher from Go Live Australia

When you watch a live video broadcast on TV—be it a sporting event, a political debate, a news broadcast or something else—what makes it compelling? Often, it’s the switching from one video or footage source to the next. In athletic broadcasts, this tactic helps to capture the motion and action in the game. In news broadcasts, it helps show the various speakers or subjects and make you feel like you are in a room with all of them. These benefits are what you can expect from a vision switcher hire, available at Go Live Australia.

What Is a Vision Switcher and Why Do You Need One for Your Next Livestream?

A video switcher is essentially a device that can shift seamlessly between different video or audio sources. If you have multiple cameras recording an event, the video switcher is the piece of hardware that allows you to switch back and forth between the different sources. These switches help lend a dynamic feel to your broadcast that keeps viewers interested and looks professional.

Video switchers are typically used in TV news broadcasts, but you can—and should—hire a vision switcher to use in your livestreams, too. Say you are filming a panel at an upcoming conference you are hosting. You have four or five panelists involved, some of them pretty big names, and you want to stream the event online to maximise exposure and buzz. How do you capture this event on video in a way that is easy for your viewers to watch? Do you position one camera far enough away to get all five speakers in the frame? Do you swivel the camera from one person to the next depending on who is speaking? Or do you set up multiple cameras to grab close-ups, wide shots or audience reactions from the entire event?

As you might expect, the correct answer is number three. It is the only option that will yield a professional-grade final product and the only one that won’t be monotonous to your viewers. Unfortunately, not every business has the equipment necessary to collect multiple shots or angles, let alone switch back and forth between them.

At Go Live Australia, we can help. If you need video cameras, we can provide them. If you need microphones or lighting assistance, we can help you with that, too. We can also help you rent a vision switcher, which will enable you to cycle through video and audio sources like the pros. If you want your livestream to look, sound and feel professional, this portable device will do the trick.

Finalise Your Vision Switcher Hire Today

To hire a vision switcher—or any other equipment you might need to create a professional-grade livestream broadcast—get in touch with Go Live Australia today. For the past five years, we have been providing equipment and live streaming services for businesses just like yours. We look forward to finding out what we can do to help you take your Internet presence to the next level.