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Newtek VS-100 TalkShow Video Calling

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Skype provides a great way for guests and correspondents to remote in to a live broadcasts, unfortunately relying on consumer hardware is fraught with glitches and interruptions. Packaged neatly within a 1RU rack mountable frame, the VS-100 TalkShow Video Calling System from NewTek is a bespoke computer running Skype TX software that is purpose-built for integrating Skype calls into live TV/Web broadcasts. It features dual Ethernet ports for TriCaster and 3Play users plus HD-SDI video in and out as well as balanced XLR audio in and out for hardware-based switchers. Quality settings and scaling are handled within the built-in software, helping eliminate many of the artifacts and aspect ratio issues encountered when simply scan-converting the output of a computer. It also features controls for tweaking the caller’s audio, helping ensure both picture and sound are up to broadcast requirements.

Apart from quality, the VS-100 mitigates other pitfalls associated with relying on normal Skype software and consumer computers for critical live applications. In particular, interruptions from other calls, personal data getting mingled in by accident, or IT related problems such as the software freezing or crashing. And in case something goes wrong on the caller’s end, there is an option to automatically cutaway to a user-defined still image until a good quality signal is restored or the director is able to cut to a new subject.

Key Benefits

Works with Any Skype User
Record on-air conversations with anyone, anywhere in the world who has a Skype account or can download the Skype client
Eliminate the Satellite Truck
Have correspondents “phone” in their reports over Skype to eliminate the need for a broadcast truck or rental of studio space with a satellite link
Works Like Any Video Source
Add behind-the scenes technical quality control to call audio and video, just like any in-studio production source
Get Higher Quality Results
Avoid the conversion loss, aspect-ratio squashing, and video artifacts of using desktop video with scan converters
Reliability of a Dedicated Professional Solution
  • Avoid the risk of consumer-technology glitches, call interruptions, or computer crashes on the receiving end
  • Reduce the risks associated with mixing personal communication applications with professional systems
  • Remove the unexpected interruptions of conventional software, OS, firewall, and IT policies that make it inconvenient to air video calls from traditional laptops and computer screens

Software Features

Studio-Grade Skype TX software
Skype TX is a special, broadcast edition of Skype that provides audio and video free from notifications, adds, or other pop-ups, is designed to avoid aspect ratio mis-matches, and supports multiple calls at once
Tally Notification of Video Calls
Allows operators to see when TalkShow Skype feeds are currently live in a program
Add TalkShow Units for Multiple Skype Calls
Add TalkShow units and manage all within a single interface that offers previews, continuous call quality monitoring, and contact management. Use SkypeTX Control software – rather than direct keyboard and mouse operation – to manage multipe systems in simultaneous call/multiple TalkShow unit environments
Built-In Video Quality Checks
Failover to a custom still image when unforeseen bandwidth constraints occur below operator-defined preset value
Quality Optimizations
Uses a proprietary, real-time video processing engine that incorporates scaling, format conversion, aspect ratio conversion, and color correction routines. In addition, the software limits the return video resolution in order to prioritize quality for the incoming call video

Hardware Features

HD-SDI Input and Output
Output a live video call to any production switcher with SDI and receiver SDI video from a router or any production source to send a return image back to remote caller over IP
Dual Channel Ethernet Connectivity
Integrate with other NewTek systems. Output over Ethernet to the 3Play integrated sports production system or TriCaster multi-camera production system, while reserving the SDI hardware connection for other feeds
XLR Audio Input and Output
Bring in professional quality audio to send out over the return feed, and output incoming audio over a professional quality connector for integration via your studio’s analog audio mixer
Image Adjustments
Built-in image adjustment includes full proc-amp controls and automatic color correction
Audio Controls
Audio controls include compressor/limiter, graphic equalizer, and adjustable head-room
GPI Tally Port
Incorporate a tally system via the HD15 GPI (general purpose input) connector
HDMI and DVI Outputs
The integrated GPU features one HDMI and one DVI output for local monitoring
Front Panel Display
Rack-viewable RGB preview of Skype video calls, VU metering, caller, time, status, tally (on air) notification, and more
Rackmountable 1RU Form Factor
The standard 1RU rackmount design makes the VS-100 hardware and easy fit for integration alongside your existing studio hardware


$6,785.00 GST Inc (Free Shipping)
Video Input1 x HD-SDI plus embedded audio (for return signal from mixer to remote caller)
Audio Inputs2 x Balanced XLR (+4 dBU reference level)
Video Outputs1 x HD-SDI plus embedded audio (for Skype call output to video mixer input) 1 x DVI on GPU (for local monitoring) 1 x HDMI on GPU (for local monitoring)
Audio Outputs2 x Balanced XLR (+4 dBU reference level) 1 x 1/4" Stereo headphone jack (for Skype program audio)
GPI / Tally1 x GPI on HD15 connector
Reference1 x Reference input (black burst / bi-level and tri-level support)
Network2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
Virtual I/OsAirSend I/O: 1 x Network video input 1 x Network video output 1 x Network audio input 1 x Network audio output Tally from mixer over local network
Operating SystemWindows 8.1 Embedded
SoftwareSkype TX TalkShow control software providing A/V connection configuration Audio EQ, compressor/limiter Video proc amps and AutoColor control Genlock configuration
Call ManagementDirect mouse and keyboard USB interface required for Skype TX management software in single call / single TalkShow unit environment Over-the-network from SkypeTX control software in simultaneous call / multiple TalkShow unit environments
CPU4th Generation i7 Quad-Core
Graphics HardwareIntel HD4600 GPU
Storage1 x 120 GB SSD eSATA for adding external drives
Power RequirementsInternal PSU: 110 to 220 VAC
Enclosure1RU rack-mount metal case with rear-mounted connection panel and front-mounted in-call display monitor
Dimensions19 x 1.8 x 16.8" / 48.3 x 4.4 x 42.5 cm
Weight10 lb / 4.5 kg
Packaging Info
Package Weight25.8 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)26.0 x 24.0 x 9.5"
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