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Choosing the right live stream provider for your event – Experience is key


Over the past 12 months, we have seen the event’s industry and the live stream industry grow exponentially due to the pandemic. As a result, many AV companies, event companies, and videographers have entered the live streaming domain and have been ‘winging it’ over the past year.

Whilst competition is great; you need to be careful to appoint a professional Live Streaming company with a proven track record in the industry. Live Streaming to a professional level is exceptionally technical. These new entrants do not have the experience or equipment knowledge that only comes with Live Streaming over many years. They haven’t been in the industry long enough, nor have they worked on an extensive range of different Live Streaming productions, giving them appropriate exposure in the Live Streaming industry. Choosing a live stream partner who has experience is key to the success of any live streamed production! Would you want to leave your event to a novice? Yes, their quotes may be attractive and competitive with the professionals, but you only have one shot at Live Streaming; there are no second chances.

The Live streaming world is constantly changing, technology is evolving and live streaming hardware is rapidly updating. Only experienced Live stream technicians keep on top of the new Live Streaming equipment, Live Streaming programs and Live Streaming platforms. Experience keeps them one step ahead within the industry; they live and breathe live streaming and everything that comes with it.

 Go Live is a live streaming organisation with over ten years of experience. Our Live Streaming technicians have more than 4 decades of combined streaming expertise. The kind of experience you only get from Live Streaming many events and productions over the years! You can’t fake that experience, and when you do, it can be evident with the result of the Live Stream production.

We also have the ability to scale up and scale down in terms of Live stream technicians depending on the job type, this allows us to be able to utilise some of the most experienced livestream technicians in the industry. 

Our team of Live Streaming producers and live streaming trainers have extensive experience in all aspects of live streaming. Go Live has provided complete live stream solutions for client’s including full-scale production, intimate events, training, website development, paywalls, training and support. This Live stream experience stretches across multiple industries such as corporate, education, sports and worship. 

What do you need to look for when choosing a Livestream partner?

  • Experience – make sure they have been Live Streaming long enough to be able to offer you the service you are paying for 
  • Equipment – do they have the latest live streaming equipment and hardware
  • Producers – Do they have experienced producers not only in videography but with live streaming hardware, and can they prove their experience 
  • Full experience – can they offer you a complete overall experience (web design, support, paywall etc)

Live Streaming producers are a rare breed of personality and have insane live stream technical knowledge. They think differently from most people and thrive in the world of live streaming – this is who you would want in control of your Live Strem event or Live Stream production! 

With their expertise, live stream producers help brands present and share content with viewers worldwide. They help bring to life your idea, your company, your brand! 

Live stream producers are responsible for ensuring the live stream is a seamless production process. They need exceptional technical expertise in the audio and video equipment used, and knowledge of bandwidth requirements for any live stream is vital.

Experience is key – don’t just choose a live streaming partner on price alone.

We are your Go to team for Live streaming – don’t leave your next event to chance. Call the Go Live team, the team with years of experience in the Live Stream industry, and watch your vision come to life!

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