The rise of live streaming in Australia - Go Live Australia

The rise of live streaming in Australia

The rise of live streaming in Australia

Our live streaming video services are becoming more and more popular and our clients are expecting live streaming more and more and even requesting it whenever they hold an event or have an announcement or even when they want to launch a product.

As you are aware clients/viewers/investors time is money and attending physical events is becoming a thing of the past. If you live stream at your event this will allow you to take your content to a greater audience and into the lives of millions worldwide and give you a chance to target a much larger audience.

Live streaming is defiantly taking off in Australia; it’s as simple that. With thousands of sports events and music concerts being live streamed at an event every day in the states, companies are starting to wake up to how beneficial this technology could be for there company in Australia. For those organizing the events, live streaming offers a fantastic new way of monetising shows and dramatically increasing their audience size via online pay wall facilities which are live streaming pay per view walls that sit in front of your live stream event. This is so the viewer has to pay to see your event, allowing you to make a revenue from your event.

When Live streaming was introduced people where worried that technology would make it more difficult to draw people to live events. However, it has had the opposite effect, live streaming is actually making it easier for more people to view live content either live or on demand. This Is supported by online content delivery network Livestream from a report issued in 2016 stating that 30% of people watched that same event will attend that same event the following year. By live streaming a show, people from all over the globe are able to participate and view your live stream event, which gives you maximum exposure and an opportunity to advertise and share your product with the world.

One of the best part’s of our live stream video services is the analytics are available once your event is finished. One of the constant gripes from marketers and management is they want an ROI on every marketing dollar spent. When you live stream an event you are able to get the analytics from both the stream and the vision on demand. You can then track the lead throughout the sales process. When you use a pay wall facility this becomes even easier to track. Don’t be left behind, make sure you are live streaming all your events. Make the most of the technology that is available and be at the forefront of your audiences mind.


Our live Stream video services are mobile and cater for any event all over Australia. We live stream In Sydney, Melbourne Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane or for that matter anywhere your event may be.