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Live Webcast at the SLAM Festival !

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Live Webcast at the SLAM beach volley ball Cronulla

What is SLAM festival? SLAM is the worlds loudest beach volleyball festival, and go live Australia was there to Live Webcast all the action via the SLAM website for thousands of spectators and future competitors all over Australia to watch the Live Webcast feed on one of Sydney’s most popular beaches. SLAM is centered around a social beach volleyball competition attracting over 4000 plus social and competitive players on 5 of the best beaches around Australia. The tournaments consist of 2 separate tournaments, round robin and social competition.The first event was held at South Cronulla on the 6th of December and we were there to Live Webcast this fun event in full HD for the best viewing action. Check out the attached media player to view some of the action from the day.

SLAM Festival – South Cronulla 6th Dec 2014 from Slam Festival on Vimeo.

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