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Some general questions our clients ask?

Live webcasting is not is something common, so with many years experience in the live webcasting industry. We are asked on a regular basis how Live webcasting works or how we could host our own Live webcast. Below are some Q and A’s we are commonly asked, hope you enjoy.

Q; What are the best live webcasting practices to achieve a quality professional live webcasting production?

A; If you use high definition cameras (including 4K) with professional tripods, audio equipment and the best live webcasting equipment on the market, this will reflect on your company and the standard you set. We use high-end commercial grade live webcasting equipment; this allows us to achieve a professional production that all our clients have been happy with, asking us back to produce more live webcasting events.

Q; What can your Live Webcasting services be used for?

A; Live webcasting services can be utilised, for any event or production you can think off. We provide our services for marketing events, festivals, medical procedures, conferences, live interactive face to face meetings to name just a few of the productions we have provided our live webcasting services for.

Q; What is the difference between hosting a live webcast with my phone than hiring your video streaming services to host a live webcasting production on our platform.

A; If you use your phone to host a live webcast, the quality of the picture will be far less than what our cameras can produce. As we use commercial grade cameras, including 4 k cameras with multiple functions that can adjust the quality of the light, zoom and aperture to suit the environment. Plus using professional audio equipment to produce a quality sound is the most important feature to consider when hosting a live webcast. We also place these cameras on sturdy tripods with fluid level heads that reduce shakiness or from being bumped, then affecting your production during a Live Webcast.

Q; Can you host the live webcast on multiple platforms, including Facebook Live and YouTube.

A; Yes, our live event webcasting services can host your live webcasting production on multiple platforms at the same time, allowing you to capture a larger audience (unlimited views) on the Internet.

Q; is there a restriction to the number of people that can view a live webcast production?

A; No there is no limit to the number of people that can watch your live webcast production; furthermore the live webcast could be held on multiple platforms to reach a broader audience, gaining endless views from each of the platforms.

Q; Can you password protect a live webcast?

A; Yes you can password protect the live webcast for only invited viewers to watch the live webcast. The viewer will be supplied a login code before the live webcast, gaining access to the media player to watch once live.

Q; Can you set up pay per view on a live webcast?

A; Yes you can, a paywall facility can be placed in front of your live webcast for only paid viewers to watch. This is an excellent way to raise revenue for your live webcast event.

Q; What is an on-demand video?

A; An on-demand video is a live webcast that has finished, then turning into a DVR player, giving the viewer the option to watch whenever they want.

Q; Does Go Live Video streaming services go all over Australia?

A; Yes Go live webcasting services go all over Australia, as our equipment is portable, allowing us to travel anywhere. If there are an Internet and mobile reception in the area, we can go live from anywhere.

Our live webcasting services can be utilised all over Australia. Including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Alice Springs, Darwin.

IF you are interested in hosting a live video-streaming event, get in contact with the live webcasting professionals, Go Live Australia Today.

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