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Over the last decade, Go Live has produced live stream events for some of the world’s largest enterprises all over Australia. Off the back of these events, Go live saw a need to develop a Livestream platform for companies and creatives to be in control of their vision when customising landing pages for the event. Giving them the tools to add logos and advertisements and choose colour pallets to characterise their company on the page.


What does a live streaming platform do?

A landing page is where a live stream producer can host either a simple one camera production or a gig that involves multiple cameras and video switching with an entire production team. Hosting a virtual event on a landing page informs the guest when the live streaming event begins.

Live Player

A white-label (brand less) media player provides you with the virtual keys (RTMP Encoders) to Go Live. However, you can customise the video transcoding player to show your company’s logo and colour scheme for maximum branding exposure. Go Live stream software generates an embed code for the option of the media player being embedded on multiple platforms. Our Australian support team can support you every step of the way until you go live. Once the live event is complete, an on-demand media player will be available for the viewer to watch again or for the people who missed it, allowing them to watch it in their own time.

The Livestream Begins

The go-live agenda tool informs viewers what time the Livestream starts and finishes, plus who is presenting and the topics they will discuss.


Special Guest's

The landing page can show who will be presenting in the live stream, with a description of their role and bio to inform viewers of who they will be watching. 

If the viewer wants to ask a question, add the chat feature. This function will allow speakers to interact with the viewer throughout the Livestream, making the event more personal and inclusive with the virtual viewers. 





Without a landing page, a media player looks simple, bare and boring, limiting you from promoting the live event to its full potential. So why not notify the world that your event exists? Utilising the go-live stream tools to customise your player and landing page will give your live event the attention it deserves.

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