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Successful Live Streaming Events in Melbourne 

Live streaming in Melbourne can be a great way to connect with your audience and share content in real-time. We have produced many successful live streaming events in Melbourne, including the many RAAF Graduations, and here are some options and considerations for live streaming in Melbourne:

Streaming Platforms – It is paramount to choose a reliable streaming platform that will suit your needs. We produce all of the RAAF graduations in Melbourne and it was vital for them to choose a platform that was reliable, stable and that could allow a large number of people to watch the graduations. They chose the Go Live platform, which also allowed them to be creative and in control of their vision when customising the Go Live landing page for their Melbourne Live Streamed graduation. It also gave RAAF the tools to add logos and advertisements and choose colour pallets to characterise their company on the page. The Go Live platform really aligns with the goals for each live streamed graduation. 

Solid Internet Connection – Without a solid internet connection you don’t have successful Live Streamed Melbourne events. The connection needs to be stable and high-speed. Being that the RAAF base does not allow for a wired internet connection, Go Live needs to bring its own solid connection, called the Bond 759 – Backpack HEVC V-Mount. The Bond Back is an all-in-one professional HEVC/H264 streaming solution for broadcasters and producers seeking a strong reliable encoding unit for a video camera for a live streaming workflow. Because the cellular reception is poor at the RAAF base, the Teradek bond backpack is the solution we use for this job. 

Equipment – in order to be such a successful business that successfully produces many Melbourne Live streamed events, Go Live had to invest in the highest quality equipment to be used on all our jobs. It is vital that audio and video equipment is of the highest quality to enhance the production value of the Melbourne Live Stream. This includes cameras, microphones, lighting and encoders, just to name a few. Along with our state-of-the-art equipment, we use multiple camera angles and incorporate graphics into each RAAF graduation. This allows the Melbourne Graduations to be more engaging. 

Content and Engagement- It is always important to any Melbourne Live Streamed event that you plan your content to cater to your target audience’s interests. Whether it is a performance, interview, tutorial, or discussion, make it engaging and interactive. Always encourage viewers to participate through live chat, polls, or a Live Q&A session. For the Melbourne RAAF Graduations, they are not the type of events that need a high level of engagement, however, the RAAF team do put a lot into their graphics, as well as the content of the actual graduation. They even incorporate an air show with a fighter jet to begin the graduation.

Rehearsal and Testing: As we say time and time again, test, test and then test again! Testing allows you to identify and address any technical issues before the actual live stream. This includes checking audio and video quality, ensuring proper equipment setup, verifying internet connection stability, and testing streaming software or platforms. By addressing these issues in advance, you can minimise disruptions and provide a seamless viewing experience for your audience. If we are unable to set up and test before the Melbourne Live Steam event, like in the case of RAAF, we will always go onsite early so that we do have enough time to test once we have set up. This has always ensured that the Melbourne RAAF graduations have been so successful.

Location and Setting – When organising a Melbourne Live Stream event, always consider the environment in which you’ll be streaming. Ensure adequate lighting, minimise background noise, and create an appealing backdrop that aligns with your content, or brand. The Melbourne RAAF live stream Graduations are always held in the army barracks, which works well with the nature of the event. 

Analytics and feedback – It is important to always monitor viewer analytics and feedback to gauge the success of the Melbourne Live Stream. Track metrics like viewer counts, and engagement levels, and watch the time and audience demographics. Pay attention to feedback and adjust your future streams based on viewer preferences. It has always been an important task for RAAF to measure how successful their graduations were, this is to indicate whether or not they keep live streaming the graduation. As they always get high unique viewers, it has been feasible to continue with the Melbourne live streams. 

In summary, Melbourne Live Stream events, have the chance to be a success and drive your business forward, when they are planned and executed carefully. They provide an avenue for meaningful connections and experience, both locally and globally. In the case of RAAF, the Melbourne Live Stream allows family and friends to watch their family members graduate when they cannot physically be there themselves. The success of the RAAF graduations all comes down to meticulous planning and a professional team with the experience to back them.

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