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Sydney Hybrid Events

In a matter of days, organisers of live Sydney events and conferences, that had been planning their events months in advance, were suddenly faced with cancellation after cancellation, or at the very least postponement. They face having to think outside the “event square” to keep the industry alive and moving.

With restrictions starting to ease in most states, uncertainty with COVID continues to place a large question mark over the Sydney events industry, which is why Sydney companies have to move from the conventional way of doing events to more of an adaptive approach.

The Sydney Events industry navigated the way through this unthinkable environment forced upon them and learned the evergrowing benefits of virtual events. Still, at the same time, they cannot ignore those live events will always be an essential part of an influential events program.

How can you combine the benefits of a Live Event, whilst still reaping the benefits of a virtual event? Hybrid events! Hybrid events combine both in-person and virtual experiences, and it is adopting this approach that will become part of the “new normal” within the Sydney events industry.

Hybrid events hold several critical advantages over traditionally run Sydney events, with the most significant difference being the impressive reach that Hybrid events provide. With a Hybrid event, Sydney event managers, along with their audience, are no longer bound by physical or location restrictions, anyone all over Australia, across the globe, have the opportunity to be able to participate in your Sydney event.

There is often a misconception of Hybrid events; some think they are events purely streamed to an online audience. However, to create a Hybrid event, your producers utilise top of the game technology to bring online audiences into the event experience, done through Q&A sessions and interacting with the host or other delegates, just to list a few.

Go live were recently involved with a Hybrid event, “Cara Recognition of Excellence Awards”, which took place in Adelaide on the 29th January, hosted by Andrea Nicolas, and was the first large scale Hybrid event for Go Live in 2021. This Hybrid event saw 150 delegates attend the live event at the Star Room, Adelaide Entertainment Centre, while 400 delegates streamed online. Through this Hybrid event, winners unable to accept their award could engage at the event no matter where they resided.

Cara also confirmed that Hybrid events have allowed for a new level of connection, especially amongst those in the community with disabilities! Hybrid events have allowed them to participate in life but online — things like Theatre, online quizzes, telehealth and the like. For Cara’s regional staff, it has helped them to better connect with their Adelaide colleagues and vice versa.  

If you are looking to change the way that you do your events in 2021, call Go Live a team of professionals and they will be able to assist in creating the perfect Hybrid event for your 2021 events calendar.

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