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Teradek unveils next generation 4K Bolt

Teradek has announced the Teradek Bolt 4K at NAB 2019. This new and improved model boasts at 2160p60 HDR video transmission at up to 1500ft of range for the larger model.

Teradek say they have increased the signal performance by 8x in order to achieve the new extended range and 4K transmission. The new Bolt also has AES-256 encryption and can now multicast to up to 6 separate receivers. These receivers can even be from previous generations of the Bolt range.

The Bolt transmitter unit includes dual 12G SDI and HDMI 2.0 and the receiver including one of each.

Bolt has also just launched their new pairing and monitoring app, currently just available for iOS devices. This will allow you to set up your new Bolt, monitor the 5GHz spectrum, select manual channels, analyse the range over time and apply 3D LUTs.

The new Teradek Bolt 4K is currently on pre order shipping in June of this year. The Bolt 4K 750 set will retail for $3,990 USD while the 4K 1500 set will put you back $7,990 USD.

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