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The Australia-India Trade agreement was signed in a virtual ceremony

Australia and India recently signed a major interim free-trade deal via a virtual meeting. The free-trade agreement was noted as a significant step in diversifying export markets outside China.

The deal was signed by Australia’s Trade Minister Dan Tehan and his Indian counterpart Piyush Goyal during the virtual meeting. They were being witnessed virtually by Prime Ministers Scott Morrison in Tasmania and Narendra Modi in India. The significance of this deal is immense for both parties; Mr Tehan said in the virtual event, “we are very confident that this deal will see our two-way trade, as the trade between our nations will double in the coming years; (ABC News).

An international trade deal this significant would have been done in person before the pandemic, with both parties present in the room. Although the virus has changed the way the world works due to restrictions and health mitigation, so has the way we trade and do business.

To achieve such a professional live streaming outcome with all parties collaborating in real-time, Go Live ingested the live feeds from each location into a switcher, then sent return feeds to each party. Plus, we utilised picture in picture for both parties to witness the signing of the agreement in real-time. Picture in picture (PIP) was especially beneficial during the signing ceremony. All parties and viewers could witness each party signing the agreement in Realtime, followed by congratulations from both sides.

This successful virtual conference was an outstanding achievement for all parties involved, including Go Live. We were proud of the outcome of the virtual event, as this meant speakers and guests were able to achieve and witness a significant milestone that both countries had set out to achieve.

We have seen the benefits of live streaming for organisations during covid as restrictions forced employees to stay at home and work remotely to help curb the virus from spreading. Virtual events also allowed businesses to stay connected with their staff and kept everyone up to date on the company’s direction and goals.

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