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The benefits and possibilities of Live Streaming are endless

At the pandemic’s peak, almost all events were taken online. Planners shifted from in-person events to live streaming services to continue hosting events to keep people connected and informed. Live streaming was utilized to present sports events and public announcements to large corporate entities that needed to stay connected with staff.

Livestreaming was the technology that kept people informed and connected in a way never imaginable; one of our clients said they wouldn’t haven’t known how to keep their business running without Livestreaming services as they heavily relied on communication. Their industry is for influential and motivational presenters who rely on an audience to hear their speakers. We were able to present to the viewers via live streaming equipment, hosting their message on either their web page or the custom landing page we created for their event.

As the pandemic showed people what was possible with Live Streaming, studies showed that it brought the industry forward by about five years. Companies accepted the concept of lifestreaming events and conferences as the new normal; this also presented other opportunities and benefits businesses didn’t know existed. Enter hybrid events, as the name suggests, a mix of in-person guests and online audiences.

When people were affected by Covid or a family member had to isolate themselves, which resulted in people staying home. Live streaming the event presented the option to the guest to watch from home. In effect, this helped reduce the spread of the virus plus allowed people to have the chance to go out in public in a safe environment. Particularly concerning the safety of the attending guest, where social distancing is hard to provide. Plus, people with limited mobility can attend as the event is online. When live streaming events, it makes it assessable for anyone from anywhere.

Hybrid events are here to stay and will continue to be incorporated for the guests who cannot attend. Giving people the option to either physical attend or participate remotely. Plus, Hybrid events will continue to open up the opportunity for time-poor national and international presenters to host the event—making the live event more appealing and possible for the in-demand presenter to partake in. Plus, the in-house attendees can engage and communicate with these online presenters.

Additionally, most organizations have a moral initiative known as Corporate Social Responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint and effect on the environment. Studies have shown that worldwide business conferences produce 1.89kg of waste and 176.67kg of CO2 emissions per attendee for every day they attend. Typically, an event spanning over three days with 1,000 attendees converts into six metric tons of waste and over 530 tones of CO2 emissions. Statistics consider travel, commuting by car, excess food, and energy consumed at the event venue.

Environmental sustainability has been trending in the event industry for some time, and the benefits for the environment when an event is live streamed are enormous. Not to mention the money that can be saved when hosting a Livestream event, benefiting the hosts and the attendees. Save on electricity,  do not need to hire out more space in the venue, and reduce the food provided to the guest. Additionally, attendees or special guests will save on travel costs when they present in the live stream from a remote location.


Live Stream for Bondi RSL 2022 Anzac Day Dawn Service


And I know what you are saying; how can the virtual guest join in on the activities or communicate with the presenters? Using the chat and polls function on the Livestreaming platform will enable virtual guests to feel part of the conversation and participate. Above all, hybrid events allow more people to join in and can include people from all over the world who can share their experiences, whether they join in from the office or the comfort of their own home on the other side of the world.

With proper event planning for the event to be hosted in-house and online, Livestreaming on the platform allows speakers to interact with online guest questions. They are answering their questions throughout the Livestream. The experience is seamless; they can type in questions from the platform or participate in a poll and have their say on the matter, making people feel inclusive. 

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