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The positive results Live Webcasting it is having on companies!

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the country and many industries, the importance of live webcasting is continually being introduced in day-to-day businesses. Additionally, companies are now starting to see the positive impact this “new norm” is beginning to have on their business outcomes. 

By going live, companies are lowering the costs of holding events, while reaching a broader audience than just the audience in the room. Moreover, this is happening across the country as companies in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Melbourne are webcasting events, expo’s, product launches and successful training sessions, to mention a few. Plus other sectors are also benefitting, including the health industry as gym owners and yoga instructors are hosting online sessions each week. Webcasting has helped increase their audience as the catchment area is beyond the bricks and mortar building they typically train out off, allowing them to sign up more members and advertise their brand to a larger audience.  

One of the most significant advantages the Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne companies are seeing from live webcasting is the engagement they are able to have with their target audience. Companies are finding people are taking the time to view the live webcasting sessions and are more invested in their brand or service by using the chat or comment bar on the live webcasting media player. Plus viewers are willing to attend at a time set out by the company, which is often in their own time. Additionally, there are more positive engagements with an invested audience and a better outcome as they can watch the video on demand if they are to miss something during the live webcast.; Plus, live webcasting can also help educate a potential new target audience about a company, brand or service on a much larger scale as a going online can be universal.

Currently, there are many conversations about the way companies are structuring their own “work environment”, and it has become evident they are adopting this new virtual way because it works and it works well in many instances. Consider what Melbourne is currently going through, with the second wave of COVID hitting the state; it highlights the importance of setting up a successful live webcasting program, so businesses can continue moving forward through challenging times. It is about taking care of the now, but also implementing something for the future. 

When planning a live webcast, it is essential to put the same thought and due diligence into the live webcast that goes into a physical event people can attend.

What is needed to host a live webcast? A basic description of the equipment is set out below; 

  1. Video and Audio Source – cameras, microphones, audio mixing desk, visual mixer, visual monitor, cables. 
  1. Encoder – computer software/hardware that compresses the real-time video to send to an internet source (platform)
  1. Streaming Platform – custom landing page, YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo
  1. Stable Internet Connectivity – to ensure your live stream does not buffer or drop off entirely.
  2. A professional and dedicated live webcasting crew, just like Go Live! 

With a fast change in direction, live webcasting is having a fast positive impact on companies, so call Go Live today, and we can give you all the professional guidance you need.

As we say, keep planning, keep evolving, keep competitive and host a live webcasting event during these crazy times.

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