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TwitterAU Go Live #AusVotes 2019

On the 5th of February, Twitter held a live Q and A with their in-house and online audience at the central Twitter headquarters in Sydney. The purpose of the live streaming event was for political journalists to discuss  current politicians campaign strategies, before the election in July. The journalist view on the campaigns was mixed and personnel depending on their background and past experiences.

The live streaming event was hosted on the Twitter platform and branded with the hashtag #AusVotes 2019 for people to access the live event later on an see all the activity from the event. Branding the event with this slogan allowed the live event to be shared amongst interested parties, plus reach a larger audience once being shared from viewers and guest. This live streaming event was successful with over 25 thousand people, tuning in to watch either the live stream or on-demand video once the live stream had finished.

For this live streaming show, go live utilised a one person broadcasting camera and two PTZ cameras assisted with a controller to capture multiple angles around the room. Plus professional lighting and audio equipment were used to give the live streaming event that edge.

If you or organisation would like to know the cost of a similar live streaming event, give the go-live streaming professionals a call for more information and details on what we could do for your event. Check out the clips of the #AusVoters live streaming event.

#AusVotes 2019 Live Stream

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