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Panasonic 4k AG – UX 180 Premium Professional Camcorder - Go Live Australia

Do you have an event coming up and looking for a video camera hire house in Sydney to rent a camera from? Go Live have been renting out quality high definition cameras for over 2 years now, and providing many organizations with the hardware and advise to shoot their events and functions, enabling them to capture the action, product or speaker in the most professional way.

We not only rent out video cameras throughout Sydney but all over Australia, including regional areas. The high definition cameras we rent out are the cameras we use for either video or Live productions, and when it comes to either filming or live streaming, these cameras are reliable and include numerous functions to capture your event in the most professional way, sparing no quality.

Our hire collection consists of the Panasonic AG- UX180 and Canon XF205 broadcasting cameras, plus Cannons 4k PTZ camera that comes with a remote controller for operating behind the desk, in a booth or somewhere else.


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To enquire about this product please call us on 1300 719 633 or use the contact form below. With current shipping restrictions, product availability and pricing may vary from advertised amount.


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