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What is a Video on Demand (VOD)

VOD stands for video on demand and, as the name suggests, means you can access online content at any time on your digital device. This has become the standard on how we view content and is incredibly beneficial to viewers who were unable to watch the live event on the live streaming platform.

Accessing the video on demand (VOD) post-live streaming event allows virtual attendees to revisit the event and watch online videos when and wherever they wish. Whilst viewership continues to grow with your videos-on-demand, take advantage of VOD features and give your content maximum exposure to the world anytime.



What is a VOD Hosting Platform?

Notify The World

Hosting video-on-demand content for staff, stakeholders, and associates will keep everyone up to date with company policies and organisational changes. When hosting the content, it is essential to have support and Go Live’s support team is there to assist, making sure the event runs smoothly and in line with your event’s vision.


Streaming Service

Live stream software to customise the page for each event stage, add pictures, graphics, colour schemes, and bios to show the viewers who was presenting and what they represent. Continue marketing your event and build excitement with your potential viewers.

VOD Transcoding

The live Streaming software is customisable, reliable and user-friendly for viewers to tune in and watch whenever possible. Included on the platform is a white labelled media player comprising tools that allow the viewer to enhance the way they watch the video with adaptive bitrate functions to adjust to the viewers’ internet reception for seamless streaming, with video security to protect critical information. Once your live event is complete, the stream transcoding will become a video on demand, allowing your content to be viewed and rewatched at any time. Customising the VOD will enable you to present the video as best as possible.


At the simple click of a button, set up the layout of your landing page in line with your brand and event and the workflow of professional Live stream software worldwide. Even though the live event is complete and the video is on-demand, customisable features will help reflect what order the event ran in. 





Our Clients

Go Live incorporates a high level virtual hosting platform to deliver high-quality video to all kinds of devices. All of our virtual streams run at a minimum of 1080p and send multi-bitrate streaming to all users.